Garni Foods - Our Story

Our Journey

“Garni” refers to “Garnish”, which is all about the finishing touches we apply before relishing any dish. It all starts from spices and herbs, which blend with lentils and grains to form a part of life and legacy in homes and regions all over the nation. At Garni, we promise to nurture your food with love, forming those flavors that remind you of home. Happy Cooking!

Garni offers a wide range of your daily essentials in its basket, including lentils, spices, herbs, asafoetida, and more from the best farms in India, making it one of the top masala brands. We get our raw materials from sustainable sourcing channels that competently meet global standards and consumer expectations. To raise the benchmark of our existing products, we have been consistent with product and process improvements and innovations, ensuring all spices remain in fresh, premium-quality condition. In terms of product packaging, we have a range of specifications that can fit any customer's requirements. Our spices and pulses are available both online and offline, making our masalas and lentils accessible to everyone


In a market beset by good, strong competition, we started out with a vision to bring what no one has brought; the ancient and powerful herbs forgotten by people. We aim to revive the value of scarcely observed herbs and spices, resources that nourish the body and mind, to bring health and good fortune in the lives of those who consume it.


  1. To develop a strong relationship with our channel partners, increase the maximum number of retail outlets, and lead the upliftment of them as a whole, including our super stockists, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc.
  2. Garni has set its sights on the households of the country. It aims to reach the majority of the kitchens across the nation in the near future.
  3. To ensure consistence through quality, sustainability through design, and satisfaction through perseverence.

Sustainable Sourcing

We take pride in sourcing our raw materials from the best farms of India. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to partner with farmers who follow eco-friendly practices, ensuring the long-term health of our planet and its communities. By sourcing ethically and responsibly, we guarantee that every Garni product you bring home contributes to a better and greener world.


Founder’s Message

Despite the presence of good brands in a strong, competitive, and cutthroat market, there was a lack of an element that could be called historically Indian. There was no mention of those ancient, Ayurvedic herbs and spices people centuries ago used in their day-to-day lives. Our treasured founder, Dr. Parveen Nayyar, set out with the objective of making those powerful, curative ingredients return to the world. His efforts led to the creation of Garni.