Production Facility

Our factory at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, is approximately one acre, or 4046 square meters in size. The state-of-the-art facility makes use of the latest in manufacturing and production technology innovations to deliver the highest quality of spices. Equipped with a variety of sorting, feeding, mixing, cold grinding, and packaging machines, the facility is sufficiently equipped to meet the quality and hygiene standards set by Garni.


Loading Bay

  1. The factory’s loading and unloading zone is where raw ingredients, bought in bulk after being quality-tested, are first kept. It is also where our quality supervision staff once again scrutinizes the condition of the raw ingredients. The loading bay is properly ventilated, and all employees wear gloves and caps to maintain hygiene.

Production Process

  1. Upon being sorted in separate areas, the raw ingredients for blended spices and straight spicesare fed in machines that repeatedly sort, sieve, mix and grind them into perfectly ground, fine spice powder. On the other hand, whole spices undergo stringent quality checks and are sorted before being approved for packaging. Our machines make use of cold grinding technology, which ensures that none of the taste and freshness is lost in the production process. It is one of several things that allow Garni to deliver the best products to consumers.

Packaging Process

  1. Once fine, high quality, ground spices have been produced, they are moved to a separate packaging area. In the secure, contained area where human intervention is kept at a minimum, several automated machines pack and seal the spices, delivering finished products.

Cold Storage

  1. The factory at Garni has a cold storage room where all raw ingredients are stored at a temperature that is less than 10 degrees Celsius to ensure they remain fresh and safe. It is a secure room only opened for storing and removing ingredients, and otherwise kept shut by a several centimeter-thick door that ensures no air leaks out.


  1. The laboratory at our factory is where we perform multiple quality checks of different specializations, conducted under the supervision of our quality executives. We perform physical, chemical, and microbiological tests on samples to ensure they meet our quality standards. To bring only the best products in the market, Garni has a research and development lab. Furthermore, we produce hing by ourselves for maximum quality. To become a brand every household in India can trust, Garni endeavours to deliver only the best products.