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Return and Refund

i. A return will only be processed if it is within seven days of the delivery and the customer service has been notified within 48 hours of the package being delivered.

ii. Garni Foods Pvt. Ltd. will issue a return only if the product is damaged, defective, or unusable after receiving it and addressing the cause of the issue.

iii. For an eligible return, your package must be unused and in the same condition you received it in. It should also be in original packaging.

iv. Upon receiving a request for return and refund within 48 hours of the delivery.

v. The Customer/User will be notified whether they are eligible for a refund or not within 3 days of the cancellation request, barring unexpected delays.

vi. If you have made an online payment and are canceling the order, the payment gateway charge (3%) will be deducted from your refund amount. If you have placed an order and the product is in transit (shipped) we will charge 3% for the payment gateway and the carrier price (Forward + Return) from you.

vii. In case of buyer’s remorse, the customer is not entitled to a refund.

viii. If any problem regarding the product(s) cannot be satisfactorily resolved through our returns procedure, you may submit your issue for online resolution through email or contacting customer care.

ix. Only items purchased on www.garnifoods.com may be accepted for a return.