Garni Chaat Masala, 100G

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Description : A powder spice mix typically used along with chaat to make food more enjoyable and tangier, Chaat Masala is a classic some even consume all by itself, simply due to its addictive nature. Chaat Masala can be consumed by both the healthy and the sick, acting as a side dish or snack enhancer for the former and a substitute for heavier dishes when combined with chaat for the latter. Almost everything goes with it. You name it, and it might just work with Garni Chaat Masala. Sprinkle it and savour a new kind of excitement born from this refreshing taste.

Ingredientslodised Salt,Dry Mango,Black Salt,Cumin,Kacheri,Coariender seeds,Mint Leaves,Black Pepper,Yellow Chillies,Pomergranate Seeds ,Tamarind ,Dried Ginger,Ajwain,Nutmeg,Cloves,Asafoetida
Shelf Life365 Days
Nutritional information (Amount per 100g approx) Energy, Kcal-230.0,Protein,g -8.8, Carbohydrate, g - 38 Sugar, g - 7, Added, Sugar g -0.56, Fat g - 4.8

Manufacturer Details : Processed and Packed by Garni Foods Pvt. Ltd. F-13 & F-14, RIICO Industrail Area, Sarwkhurd, Tijara Bhiwadi, Alwar, Rajasthan - 301026

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