Garni Garam Masala, 100G

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Description : Amongst spice blends, Garam masala is a specialty of North India. It is a powdered blend of highly aromatic spices and black pepper, which also makes it hot — hence its name. It is sprinkled in small quantities, when the dish is nearly ready. Be it a dish with gravy or without, using lentils, meat or vegetables, to inject a dose of pep in spice, aroma, and flavour, Garni Garam Masala is the best choice out there. Our Garam Masala provides that taste which has granted Indian food world renown.

IngredientsCoriander seeds,Cumin,Black Pepper,Cassia,Dried Ginger,Fenugreek Leaves,Green Cardamom,Black Cardmom,Yellow chillies,Cloves,Nutmeg,Mace,Bay Leaf
Shelf Life365 Days
Nutritional information (Amount per 100g approx) Energy, Kcal-400.0,Protein,g -11.9, Carbohydrate, g - 63.4 Sugar, g - 0, Added, Sugar g -0.0, Fat g - 11

Manufacturer Details : Processed and Packed by Garni Foods Pvt. Ltd. F-13 & F-14, RIICO Industrail Area, Sarwkhurd, Tijara Bhiwadi, Alwar, Rajasthan - 301019

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