Garni Power Hing, 50G

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Description : An ancient spice dating back to 2500 BC, hing was probably brought to India around 600 BC. Asafoetida has been called both the devil’s dung and food of the gods throughout history due to its revolting smell and miraculous benefits respectively. Taking its values into account, Garni Power Hing is a powerful spice with all of the curative benefits and a strong, original taste created after following rigorous standards that ensure quality remains uncompromised.

IngredientsWheat Flour, (45%appx),Asafoedita, Gum Arabic
Shelf Life365 Days
Nutritional information (Amount per 100g approx) Energy, Kcal-405.0,Protein,g -8, Carbohydrate, g - 71.6, Sugar, g - 2.2, , Fat g - 9.6

Manufacturer Details : Processed and Packed by Garni Foods Pvt. Ltd. F-13 & F-14, RIICO Industrail Area, Sarwkhurd, Tijara Bhiwadi, Alwar, Rajasthan - 301019

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