7 Indispensable Puja Samagri Items Everyone Needs


7 Indispensable Puja Samagri Items Everyone Needs

Conducting puja is an ancient way of communing with the divine. With a history spanning thousands of years, several variations of puja ceremony have withstood the test of time. Throughout eras, humans have experimented with methods to access the powers of deities and witness miracles. Even today, people turn to the gods to seek divine intervention when facing times of difficulty. Thus, it is extremely crucial for one to perform a puja with all the essential items needed to make it a success. For that purpose, the list below contains information on the most important puja items for any ceremony.

    Jyot Batti

    The cornerstone of every puja, a jyot batti is the conduit through which one can set a diya, the traditional Indian clay lamp, alight. In some, often bigger, puja ceremonies, people prefer using diyas of brass. Regardless, a jyot batti is a necessity one cannot do without.Van Durga Jyot Batti is made of 100% pure cotton and shaped in a stable, solid manner so that it neither falls easily nor collapses upon itself. It is a suitable option for those who want to comfortably set light their diyas up without encountering too much hassle. 


    Used in almost every puja as an offering to the gods and to light up ghee lamps, camphor is known to produce a calming aroma. It is also famed for cleansing negative energy, balancing doshas, and bringing in prosperity and peace. Considered to be a holy object signifying a connection with the divine, it is an absolutely essential puja item.Van Durga Camphor Box is a result of carefully chosen ingredients, meticulous production process, and diligent packaging. It contains pure, unadulterated pieces of camphor kept in tightly sealed containers to prevent the entry of contaminants. 


    Agarbattis are incense sticks burned while praying to the divine. Considered a means to pay respects to gods and wish well for those who have passed on to the afterlife, they are found in most Hindu households. An interesting aspect of old tradition is that people believe the simple act of burning an incense stick alone is a form of worship. Their fragrance comes from the essential oils they are dipped in. There are three varieties of Van Durga Karni Agarbatti, made from natural ingredients and dipped in exotic essential oils to ensure only the richest, most soothing aroma permeates the atmosphere. Agarbattis are fundamental to puja, being inseparable from them. 


    Dhoop is another vital part of puja samagri. Dhoop and agarbattis alike have antibacterial properties, which help fight infections. Furthermore, dhoop helps improve focus, thus aiding in meditation. Dhoop cones also produce a more intense smoke, which helps purify the air.There are four varieties of Van Durga dhoop products: Mayura Zipper, Rudra Dhoop, Fruit Cones, and Premium Cones, each of which has several types of fragrances. With a wide range of dhoop products, devotees can comfortably choose the right kind of aroma for them. 


    Kalawa, or mouli, is a type of red thread tied around the wrist. It is said to help balance the three doshas, bring joy and prosperity, and protect those who wear it. The origin of mouli comes from a tale in old Hindu scriptures. It was tied around the wrist of a king named Bali by Lord Shiva, through which the former gained the boon of immortality. Hence, it made its way in puja, becoming an essential part of it.Van Durga Kalawa Box contains carefully rolled threads of red and yellow mouli, keeping the ancient tradition in mind. Made of cotton, these threads contain the reverence and care of the old mythological tale 


    Hindi for “vermillion”, roli is a red powder applied on the center of the forehead during puja or yagna. It is often first turned into paste after being mixed with water before being applied. It is an old, auspicious tradition that has been a part of most Hindu ceremonies for ages. It is also believed the position where roli is applied stimulates the Ajna chakra, which coincides with the pineal gland.Van Durga Roli is stored in an airtight container which prevents impurities from leaking in. Furthermore, it is made from non-toxic and organic materials, which makes it safe for use on the skin. 

    Havan Samagri

    To perform a proper hawan, a fire ritual conducted on rare occasions, several steps need to be followed first. Ranging from preparing a hawan kund to setting the area and gathering paraphernalia of import, one needs to prepare several kinds of herbs that would be burned in the ritual flame. In today’s age, those herbs are obtained in boxes called hawan samagri.The quintessential box to provide all the necessary items to conduct a successful havan samagri is the Van Durga Hawan Samagri and Tapaswini Hawan Samagri. Containing over 30 types of natural Ayurvedic herbs, it is sure to make any puja, hawan, or yagna, a successful ceremony.