7 Spices That Can Help You Lose Weight: How Adding Heat To Your Food Can Boost Metabolism


7 Spices That Can Help You Lose Weight: How Adding Heat To Your Food Can Boost Metabolism

It is a conundrum of the 21st century to strike a balance between life and work. A habit of those who work long hours and adopt a sedentary lifestyle is to forgo cooking entirely in favour of consuming fast food that is either ultra-processed or cooked with cheap ingredients and a heavy dose of oil. Unhealthy habits such as these lead to increased risk of a plethora of diseases that, to put it lightly, are dangerous to life and health. People growing accustomed to junk food and its flavour has led to the decline in popularity of home-cooked dishes. What people need today is incentive to cook food that is easy-to-make, delicious, and helps them remain hale and hearty in a world where access to fast food is all too easy. The secret to that lies in spices, natural flavouring ingredients that carry the zest and tang people want without compromising on their health. Thus, a list of seven spices with a variety of weight loss and miscellaneous health benefits have been added here. They are an easy addition to most dishes and liven up their flavour.

    Fenugreek Seeds

    Mainly produced in Nagaur, Rajasthan, fenugreek seeds are a spice derived from the plant Fabaceae. Bitter when raw and sweet when cooked, the spice is known for a variety of benefits ranging from the reduction of inflammation to the increase of satiety. It can also boost digestion, help control blood sugar levels, and reduce obesity. The fibre responsible for these effects is called mucilage.Garni Methi Dana is aromatic and savoury, used in non-veg dishes like chicken biryani and mutton, and vegetarian dishes like dum aloo, chhole, shahi paneer, etc. 


    The root of a perennial plant used widely as indigenous medicine since old times, ginger is the ancient remedy to many diseases that have troubled humanity for ages. Scientific studies have long since indicated that the traditional beliefs surrounding ginger may not be all wrong. It can help with indigestion and fat absorption, regulate cholesterol and sugar levels, etc. Lastly, ginger contains antioxidants, which help the body fight against heart disease and certain cancers. Ginger tea is an all-around favourite of many. It is soothing, warm, and known to heal the throat. Furthermore, it is an ingredient used for garnishing almost everywhere. 


    Revered for its flavour, colour, and potent medicinal properties, turmeric helps with inflammation and weight loss and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties, and anti-oxidants. It also boosts immunity and metabolism. Finally, it helps regulates blood sugar levels. Turmeric is used for the colour it brings, besides the plethora of curative effects it possesses. Garni Turmeric Powder contains all the benefits of this aptly named healing spice, containing a high, but well-within FSSAI standards, level of curcumin. Turmeric is often added to most, if not all dishes. Some even treat it as a quintessential ingredient in cooking. 

    Black Pepper

    Containing an alkaloid compound by the name of piperine, black pepper is a pungent, fairly hot and flavourful spice with massive benefits. It is capable of suppressing fat accumulation, boosting immunity, and altogether preventing the formation of fat cells. One of the most widely used spices in the world, black pepper is an uncontested addition to most dishes. Garni Black Pepper Powder and Garni Black Pepper Whole deliver justice to the spice. Black pepper can and is used in dishes from chicken curry to pumpkin, red kidney beans to a variety of lentils, and others. 


    A tree-based spice derived from the inner bark of several species belonging to the genus Cinnamomum, cinnamon is an aromatic ingredient to a truly wide variety of cuisines ranging from sweet and savoury desserts to more traditional dishes. It possesses several health benefits, including but not limited to high antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and managing type 2 diabetes.Garni Dalchini contains whole, unadulterated cinnamon sticks, which are used in traditional Indian and exotic cuisines alike. 


    An essential component of many spice blends, cumin can be consumed in large quantities without worry. It has an earthy, nutty flavour, and may help accelerate weight loss and fat burning. It is also high in antioxidants, and thus able to aid the body against several ailments.Garni Whole Cumin is a healthy addition to your cooking. Cumin is often the first ingredient in almost every dish, and a necessary part of many others. 

    Red Chilli

    Saving the best fat burner for the last, we come to red chillies. One of the hottest categories of spices, chillies are famed for the literal burn they bring to the tongue. While they should not be consumed in large quantities, red chillies have many benefits. They are quickly absorbed by the stomach, improve metabolism, generate heat due to their thermogenic nature, contain very low cholesterol, and boost the heart’s health.Garni has two varieties of red chilli: Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder and Red Chilli Powder. The former is slightly sweet, yet spicy, while the latter is a traditional hot spice. Red chillies can be added to most dishes if one wants to turn up the heat. 

    It is important for one to look after themselves no matter the situation. The body is the first and last home one can ever have. Cherish it, and it shall pay dividends in the future.