The 7 Best Diwali Snacks


The 7 Best Diwali Snacks

Diwali, famously known as the festival of lights, is an auspicious annual event celebrated across India in honour of the glorious return of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, to his rightful throne after slaying Ravana, the ten-headed rakshasa king of Lanka. In celebration of the holy festival, devotees light their surroundings up with the glow of diyas, which are traditional Indian lamps. During this joyous festival, many choose to make extravagant dishes and host banquets. However, many choose to enjoy simpler pleasures through snacks. For such needs, a list of the best Diwali snacks has been compiled below.

    Vegetable Samosa

    One of the most popular dishes made in Diwali, vegetable samosas are a yummy twist to a delectable Indian snack. By replacing the mostly potato filling with a blend of vegetables mixed to make a delicious filling, vegetable samosas are a must try during Diwali.

    Adding a twist of sabzi masala to the vegetable mix used to fill a samosa would make the flavour even more tangy. Garni Sabzi Masala is one of the best choices to make your vegetable mix lip-smacking.


    Vermicelli, also known as sevaiyan, is a popular dessert in Diwali. It is also frequently consumed as a quick snack. It is made with milk, ghee, sugar, cardamom, and dry fruits. Sevaiyan is a trademark dish of Diwali and other holy festivals.

    Making sevaiyan requires a careful balance between gentle sweetness and energizing flavours. Thus, people add cardamom to it for enhancing flavour. Garni Green Cardamom is an excellent choice for all culinary pursuits requiring its use. It has a strong, refreshing taste, and is highly aromatic.


    Shakkarpara is a famous crunchy and sweet snack consumed often during Diwali. Made with sugar, ghee, and flour, it is relatively simpler to craft when compared to some other Diwali sweets. Shakkarpara is a staple snack used in gifting others, as well.

    Onion Bhaji – Pakore

    Onion bhaji, or pakore, as it is also known, is a popular snack made by deep frying onion bhaji dipped in chickpea flour (besan) in oil. Made with a variety of spices ranging from red chilli powder to turmeric and more, this mouth-watering snack is quite easy to make. Furthermore, it goes well with tea and warm drinks in the evenings. 

    Onion bhaji needs a whole slew of spices. Garni Red Chilli Powder, Garni Turmeric Powder, and Garni Aamchur Powder are a few great options to make one’s onion bhaji taste reach the next level. Include these spices to make your snacks even more awesome!


    Chivda is a highly popular mouth-watering snack mix found in the Indian subcontinent. It is a savoury, salted snack known for being crispy and crunchy. It is most enjoyed during the festival of Diwali, and is known as Namkeen, or salted snack. Made with foxnuts, potatoes, lentils, a variety of dried fruits, and nuts, it is an extremely healthy choice of food. 

    Adding a touch of Garni Black Pepper Powder and Garni Chaat Masala would evolve the taste of chivda to a whole new realm! Try it now!


    Chakli is actually a popular South Indian snack called Murukku, the Tamil word for ‘twisted’, famous for being crunchy and delicious. It has a swirling, spiral shape, and is loved all over India for its crispy and sharp texture. Chakli is another staple of Diwali. It is made with rice flour, bengal gram, and black gram. It is a healthy, savoury dish.

    The use of Garni Chana Dal would bring a nuanced, bean-like taste to the flavour of chakli. As chana dal is an excellent pair to herbs and spices, the flavour profile can overall increase to new heights.


    Namkapara, or nimki, is another crunchy snack belonging to the Indian subcontinent. It is ribbon-like, diamond-shaped, and has a flaky texture. It is a crispy snack often eaten with tea. Made in ghee or oil, it is carefully seasoned with carom and cumin seeds both. It is an overall delectable snack.

    Transform your namakpara with Garni Ajwain and Garni Jeera Whole. Sourced directly from the best farms of India, our products are delicately processed in hygienic conditions. Our whole spices are carefully procured after several quality assessment tests, and packaged in premium-grade vessels that ensure little to no loss in quality. Try it now!

    Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. One hopes that this list proves useful to all wanting to cook something different for their loved ones.