Top 10 Must Have Herbs and Spices for Every Indian Home Chef


Top 10 Must Have Herbs and Spices for Every Indian Home Chef

The secret of every delectable cuisine is meticulously planned seasoning added with attention, love, and care to cultivate food that would bring joy to those who eat it. Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that spice forms the heart of a dish. For that purpose, this blog contains information specifically composed to form a list of the 10 most popular spices every household keeps a stock of.

    Red Chilli

    No list can start without this quintessential spice. The very first thing most people think of when hearing the word, ‘spice’, red chillies come in varying levels of heat, identified by their different varieties. They are always, without a shred of doubt, hot and spicy to at least some degree Garni has two varieties of chilli: Kashmiri Chilli and Red Chilli. The former is a medium hot and sweet combination of flavours that is highly popular in the Indian subcontinent, and the latter is a traditional red chilli with all the hotness the spice is known for. 


    Used in most Indian dishes, thus making it a great, if not necessary, addition to every household’s pantry, cardamom comes in two varieties: green and black. More commonly known as elaichi, this spice with origins in India is used as an ingredient almost everywhere, from teas to biryani and snack dishes to full course meals. Garni Green Cardamom possesses a powerful and somewhat sweet flavour. It reduces inflammation and contains antioxidants, which help protect the body from several health complications. Garni Black Cardamom has a strong, pungent smoky flavour that provides a unique taste to many dishes 

    Black Pepper

    One of the most widely used spices in the world, black pepper is a staple ingredient in many a dish. It is so popular many consider it a fundamental part of any kitchen. Black pepper not only brings a hot flavour and sharp aroma, but a whole slew of health benefits ranging from reducing inflammation, improving cholesterol levels, to even regulating blood sugar levels. Garni produces two varieties of black pepper: Black Pepper Powder and Black Pepper Whole. Both have a penetrating aroma and a spicy, yet sweet taste. The former is made with cold grinding technology, as are all blends and straight spices of Garni. The latter is sourced directly from the best farms in the country, after rigorous quality checks. 


    An Ayurvedic spice with a long history of curing issues like indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation, among others. Many consider it a necessary spice for a healthy digestive system. These incredibly nutritious seeds are the fruit of the ajwain herb, becoming a cooking spice only when ground to powder. Garni has their own ajwain product called Garni Ajwain Sabut. Containing potent benefits ranging from high nutritional value to powerful diuretic properties, it is a useful, if not necessary, addition to most kitchens. 


    Cumin, called jeera in India, is a spice that brings a flavourful complexity and a level of depth to dishes like curry, meat, biryani, etc. It often ranks among the most widely used spices due to its relevant ease of compatibility with multiple cuisines. More importantly, cumin has many health benefits. Namely, it contains antioxidants, which eradicate unstable particles that cause cell damage, known as free radicals. Thus, cumin may help prevent cancer, heart complications, and high blood pressure. Garni has both Whole Cumin and Cumin Powder. The former is an herb turned spice used for both garnishing and cooking, while the latter is directly added to food recipes. 


    Considered by some to be a pivotal ingredient in cooking, and by all a medicinal spice, owing to its long history, turmeric is a plant root boiled, dried, and processed before we get to see it in its powdered shape. Turmeric is famously called, “The Golden Spice”, for the sheer number of boons it brings to both cooking and health. It contains a compound known as curcumin, which has several scientifically proven benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory properties, lowering risk of heart disease, preventing cancer, to containing a high number of antioxidants. Garni Turmeric Powder contains a higher level of curcumin than what is found in the market, though well within FSSAI standards. It is a source of pride for Garni, like all its other products. 


    A reddish-brown spice with a delectably intense taste and aroma, clove is a crucial spice in biryani, pulao, chai, and several spice blends. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that garam masala, one of India’s most widely used spice blends, would be incomplete without clove. Furthermore, clove has many uses. From boosting the immune system to increasing bone density and even regulating blood sugar levels, it can do wonders to improve health. Garni Clove is a whole spice dedicated to bringing the flavour of this essential cooking ingredient to your home. It is a raw, high quality spice sourced directly from the farms it is grown on, with no middlemen involved in-between. 


    A wildly popular Indian spice used in snacks, desserts, and main course meals, Amchur is tangy, fruity, and an absolutely zesty addition to most dishes. It is also a substitute to the flavour of mango when the fruit goes out of season. Adding amchur to food brings about a qualitative increase in taste and aroma. It is also low in calories and diet-friendly to the health conscious. Garni Amchur Powder strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tangy. It is a savoury spice meant to make food taste even better. 


    A fundamental ingredient in Indian cuisine, there is almost no dish that does not suffer from using coriander. Coriander is a plant whose seeds are spice and leaves an herb. However, the latter is often used as a spice, too. It is a sweet, slightly sour, and tangy ingredient in cooking. Most, if not all, home chefs consider their kitchens incomplete without coriander. Garni has coriander in both whole seeds and powdered categories. Garni Coriander Whole has a strong aroma and wonderful taste, which is what makes the spice a popular addition to dishes. Garni Coriander Powder is a powdered spice of the plant, used for speeding up the process of cooking and bringing out the full flavour of coriander while not losing on quality. 


    A spice with a history of being used as medicine for thousands of years, ginger is dark yellow, or light brown in colour. It has a strong aroma and a warm, vibrant taste that simultaneously comforts and energizes the mind. Ginger has a plethora of health benefits, as evidenced by its history of use as a medicinal tonic in India and China. It can soothe sore muscles, help subside the symptoms of nausea, and strengthen immunity. Garni Dry Ginger Powder has an aromatic flavour and a strong, warm taste. Ginger powder is mainly used to bring the dual benefits of taste and medicinal quality belonging to the historic spice to food. 

    Spices are a must in daily life and cooking. Without them, food loses an overwhelming amount of depth and flavour. Thus, it is with hope that your cooking be delightful this list has been compiled. May these spices help bring your dishes to the next level.