Spice Up Your Cocktails with These 5 Amazing Ingredients


Spice Up Your Cocktails with These 5 Amazing Ingredients

Although cocktails have existed for centuries, they sprang up in popularity after the Prohibition in USA. Those years witnessed the rise of bars and classy establishments across the seas, and an increasing demand for mixing up spirits to create alcoholic beverages in secret. Thus, the very act of making a cocktail required the mixing of different ingredients. In such a process, innovation abounds, and unique recipes come into being. The following list contains information on five spices that can be picked up from the kitchen and added to a cocktail mixture, along with recipes they can potentially go along well with.


    Cinnamon adds a delightful and aromatic touch to cocktails, elevating their flavour profiles and creating a warm and inviting experience for one’s palate. The use of cinnamon sticks in cocktails has become increasingly popular among mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike. The addition of cinnamon spice to cocktails brings a unique depth and complexity to the drink, enhancing its overall taste and aroma. A nice recipe that goes along with cinnamon is Brandy Flip. While mixing, add a bit of ground cinnamon and shake it well. Garni Cinnamon (Dalchini) is a solid option for such needs. Providing whole, raw, and high-quality cinnamon sticks directly sourced from farms, our product will serve your needs well


    The addition of cardamom in cocktails can elevate the flavour profile and add a unique twist to traditional recipes. When used in cocktails, cardamom brings a rich and complex flavour that enhances both sweet and savoury elements. Its distinct notes of citrus, mint, and herbal undertones provide a refreshing contrast when combined with other ingredients. Whether it's in classic cocktails like mulled wine or innovative concoctions like spiced apple martinis, incorporating cardamom will bring the cocktail to the next level. The delicate infusion of such a spice can be used in cocktails lile Batida with relative ease. Garni Green Cardamom and Garni Black Cardamom not only possess a strong aroma, but have a powerful to accompany it. Be it cocktail or food, it melds with ease wherever required. 


    An old tincture with history worth several millenia, ginger is a spice that may need to be pondered on where it hasn’t been used instead of where it has been. It has been a part of alcoholic beverages for a long time, with ginger ale being a highly popular choice for many. The Ginger Buck is a classic cocktail that makes use of fresh ginger. Garni Dry Ginger Powder is a ground ginger product that can be added to cocktails like the Moscow Mule to enhance the flavour profile of the drink and add an even stronger kick. 


    Coriander is a ubiquitous garnishing herb, but rarely is it known that its seeds are just as useful as a spice. The latter can be added to food and alcohol alike, providing a powerful, if a bit bittersweet, taste. Used in recipes ranging from several types of mojitos to the Coriandrum cocktail, it is the mixer’s expectation that coriander regularly makes both the drink attractive and better tasting to whoever consumes it — both crucial aspects of cocktail drinks. Garni Coriander Whole is the perfect ingredient for such needs. Fresh due to being sealed in premium packaging and healthy due to being directly sourced from farms, it is a great addition to any kitchen. 

    Black Pepper

    This fundamental kitchen ingredient is much like ginger in popularity and use, except even more so. When making all kinds of cocktails caught on to the attention of the people, black pepper was witnessed being added to some of the most popular recipes ever. Among these, the Bloody Mary is so famous even those who don’t drink know about it. Made in 1921 in Harry’s Bar, Paris, this drink is light and refreshing, making use of ground cayenne and black peppers to supplement its flavour. Other drinks that use black pepper is the Stinger, an after-dinner cocktail that is strong and refreshing. Garni Whole Black Pepper is raw, original, and unrefined. Sourced directly from farms, it contains the full flavour, aroma, and heat black pepper has come to be known for. 

    Cocktails have a history of people enjoying in each other’s company while mixing and trying out one another’s concoctions. With a history of unique drinks spanning centuries recorded only recently with the Mint Julep as its first, cocktails are perhaps a source of joy and pride for everyone seeking to both experience something new and make someone else taste something new.